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Faster. Flatter. The Knight .45cal Mountaineer Muzzleloader

Sometimes, the best buck is just a little out of range. The next time out, your kill is at extreme range and if only you had a little more speed and a little less drop, you could make the shot of your life. For most, these scenarios mean you just sit and watch, shaking your head and thinking that maybe next time, you can get it.....or you could just go ahead and make the shot with the Knight .45cal Mountaineer Muzzleloader.

Faster velocity, flatter trajectory.

The .45cal Mountaineer can deliver a flatter and faster shot for maximum range with minimum recoil and drop for good kills at long range. Knight Pro Staff members have hit targets at 400 yards with pinpoint accuracy. Each .45cal Mountaineer features a 27" Green Mountain Barrel at a 1:30 twist rate that gives you more foot pounds of energy with less powder and a lighter bullet than standard configurations.

Everything you need.

Knight is proud to offer a .45cal for all of our Mountaineer models. We also carry .45cal Bloodline Bullets by Lehigh Defense in both 185g and 200g with more to come. The .45cal Mountaineer can be ordered with either a 209 Bare Primer ignition system or our 100% waterproof/weather proof Full Plastic Jacket Technology. Finally, the .45cal Mountaineer is 100% American made and carries our 200 yard accuracy guarantee. Pick yours up today and see what you have been missing!

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