Indiana Muzzleloader Hunting Season

During the Indiana Muzzleloader Hunting Season muzzleloading long guns and muzzleloading handguns are legal during the firearms and special antlerless seasons. Only muzzleloading firearms are legal during the muzzleloader season. Hunters may carry more than one type of legal firearm when hunting during the firearms and special antlerless seasons only.

Indiana Muzzleloader Hunting Season

General Muzzleloader Seasons:

(Deer) December 9, 2017 – December 24, 2017

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Indiana Muzzleloader Hunting Season

Indiana Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

Muzzleloading firearms must be .44 caliber or larger, loaded with a single bullet of at least .357 caliber. Saboted bullets are allowed, provided the bullet is .357 caliber or larger. A muzzleloading firearm must be capable of being loaded from only the muzzle. Multiple-barrel muzzleloading long guns are allowed. Muzzleloading handguns are allowed. The muzzleloading handgun must be single shot, .50 caliber or larger, loaded with bullets at least .44 caliber and have a barrel at least 12 inches long, measured from the base of the breech plug excluding tangs and other projections to the end of the barrel, including the muzzle crown.

Deer Seasons, Licenses & Equipment

License Requirements

Unless exempt (see License Exemptions), an individual must have a signed deer hunting, resident youth hunt/trap, lifetime comprehensive hunting, or lifetime comprehensive hunting/fishing license when hunting deer on public or private land.

  • Muzzleloader Season: a muzzleloader, deer license bundle, bonus antlerless, resident youth hunt/trap, lifetime comprehensive hunting, or lifetime comprehensive hunting/fishing license is required. (Note: a firearms license is not valid during the deer muzzleloader season).

General Muzzleloader Seasons:

(Deer) December 6th-21st

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