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It began in a shop of a gunsmith known for miles around as a master craftsman, inventor,and a huntsman who had stalked the fields for decades. His name was Tony Knight, and in his workshop in Putnam County, Missouri, he listened to the stories of hunters using their muzzleloader rifles. He studied the history, strengths, and problems of the front-end loader; from the most primitive flintlocks to the muzzleloaders of today. These guns had changed little in over a century, sparking him to go to work creating a truly modern muzzleloader. As a result, Knight Rifles was born. Within a few years, what began as a vision led to the finest, safest and most versatile black powder rifle ever forged. A hand-crafted, light-weight muzzleloader that surpasses all others in accuracy, smooth operation, and deadly down-range stopping power. A barrel and firing system capable of delivering any form of ammunition to its target with awesome reliability and deadly accuracy. This still holds true today as Knight Rifles continue to be the best in every aspect, at every level. Rich in history and performance, we create the future of muzzleloading based on the solid foundation laid by those who have come before us. In the years to come you can expect only the best from a Knight Muzzleloader.


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